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New Blog

fuuken_gamu here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've started a new blog. Of course, I'll still be keeping this blog, but I probably will no longer be posting here. So if you ever want to get in contact, drop by my new blog! ^_^


Morimoto Ryutaro on Probation

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was check aramtheydidnt only to be shocked that HSJ has finally been hit with a scandal. I remember when they first debuted, I questioned whether or not they would become like NEWS. However, I never actually believed that my words would come true. Morimoto Ryutaro, the youngest member, was caught smoking despite being underaged. Johnny's took immediate action and have put him on an indefinite hiatus.

So I guess that means JUMP is now down to 9 people...

Best wishes to the remaining 9 members!

2 years...


it's been about 2 years since I last posted!!!

that's all I can say at the moment!ヽ(;´ω`)ノ

it's not like I've been dead from the internet, it's just that I haven't posted on livejournal!
i haven't been away from livejournal either! I'm always checking the JE fandoms and J-POP fandoms on livejournal. it's just...
what can I say?

well, just to let you know, if anyone is reading this...
i've been studying abroad in japan for the past year and should be returning home in about a month or so. probably when i return home I'll be able to post more or something.

Till next time then! 

JE Boy Spotted!

Okay, so I got back from Japan a while ago.
Japan was of course ah-mazing!!
The shopping was soo great!
If only I had more money... D=
There were so many things I wanted to buy!! The clothes were sooo cute!!!
But of course I also spent a lot of money on JE stuff. Personally, I recommend the unofficial shops vs the official ones. There was definitely more stuff to pick from at the unofficial ones. Where I recommend to shop for JE stuff is definitely on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. The JE shops are quite close to each other, and have JE posters covering the entire entrance so there's no way anyone could miss them.

Anyways, thank goodness I sent this to my friend or else I would have forgotten all the details:

Today I saw Takaki in the subway!!!!!! (By the way this was in Kyoto. This was on Aug 7/8? Gomen! I don't remember which day it was exactly ^_^; but I checked HSJ's schedule and it seems they were off both these days from concerts, so maybe he was taking a vacation or something?)
I got on the cart with my family and it was pretty empty, so my brother sat down (I sat across from him). Then i looked two people down and from the side I saw the face of a guy and thought "Wooow! Sooo pretty!!"
then he turned his face, at first I blanked out because he didn't have any make-up on! Then i was like omg! Takaki! He's sooooo pretty even w/out make-up on!!!
He was wearing black-rimmed rectangular glasses, had his ipod w/ 1 earphone on and was using a black cellphone. Plus he was suuuuper fashionable!!!!
(I think his hair may have been wet...? Eh!? Why didn't I include this in my original report??!!! Ahhh! I can't quite remember! I do remember that at one point he stared at me looking as if he was trying to figure out if I recognized him or not. Of course, he was probably worried since I am a highschool girl. But, I was too shock to even show emotion or even react, so he was safe xD)


 Ahhhh, haven't posted in a while :p
I think I've forgotten how to even use a blog xD

Well, anyways, my CDs finally arrived sometime last week.
I bought two versions of Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow/ N.Y.C. Boys and TegoMass's new album and single! ^_^

Always been watching a bunch of dramas~


I'll probably have more to talk about when I'm in Japan next week! ^_^


Johnny's Quieting Down

 So, with the three big releases in April seems like things are starting to quiet down around Johnny's. Well, at least with the groups that I'm interested in xD


2 news releases on May 27...again...
Ashita no Kioku and Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki
The first that I mentioned is the theme song for Sho's drama "The Quiz Show" season 2.
The 2nd one I mentioned is the theme song for a new CM.

"After topping 2008's yearly single charts, Arashi has been downright unstoppable in 2009. Their last singleBelieve/Kumori Nochi, Kaisei turned into the best-selling single of 2009 in only two days, and sold over half a million copies in just its first week. The red-hot Johnny's boy band continues the streak with Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki -, their second consecutive double A-sided single of 2009. The theme song for Sakurai Sho's new TV drama The Quiz ShowAshita no Kioku is a mid-tempo number with a beautiful, dramatic melody and poignant lyrics about being at a crossroads between the indelible past and the hope of tomorrow. The group strikes a lighter tone with their Kose CM song Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki -, a fun and fresh 80s-style dance number.

First Press Limited Edition A comes with DVD containing music video of Ashita no Kioku.
First Press Limited Edition B comes with DVD containing music video of Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki.
Normal Edition comes with the singles' instrumental tracks.


Their latest single Koi no ABO wonderfully made #1 on the charts! =)
The promotions were fun, but now they're over and no news has been made for a concert this summer or a new release.
However, they will be this year's host for 24 Hour TV. Something to look forward too ^_^

Hey! Say! JUMP
yet another dead group!
It's been months since they've release anything! Okay, well they did release that DVD, but still!!! No new single or even album?? 
I hope Johnny is cooking up some big plan for JUMP! 


Their Tokyo Dome concerts are underway. From the fan reports that I've read, it seems like a great set of concerts! 
Grrrr! Wish I was there!


Known for being the promoters of Lotte Plus-X gum, KAT-TUN plan to give away 6,000 KAT-TUN cases.
Buyers of the gum can enter in the lottery.
Ahhhh, I wonder what kind of cases these are?
Personally, I'd rather spend my money at Russ-K for the NEWS shirts! XD


Just watched the PV previews!
Did I mention how much I love NEWS? No really! Did I? Goodness!
Our NEWS boys are finally growing up!!
The PV features butt-slapping (Pi), dirty dancing (Massu) and lots and lots of girls (Shige XD)
The song and pv have totally got a 70's theme to it, but NEWS rocked it!
Can't wait to see the whole pv and a live performance!
What I can't help but love about the pv is how NEWS totally danced some naughty moves (including some hip movement O.o) but still made it look oh-so-innocent!!
Well, anyways news about NEWS! XD

Their single is to come out in two versions: Limited Edition and Normal Edition!

Limited Edition: "NEWS is back with their new single and CM song for clothing brand RUSS-K. They get everybody in a positive mood with their new 80s disco-style number Koi no Abo. The song is complemented with the side track "Labyrinth" (Track 2)

First Press Limited Edition comes with a 12-page booklet and a DVD featuring 30 minutes of live footage from their NEWS Winter Party Diamond concert at Tokyo Dome on December 31, 2008.

This edition features the bonus tracks Open Your Eyes and Share recorded live at the Tokyo Dome."

Regular Edition: "NEWS is back with their new single and CM song for clothing brand RUSS-K. They get everybody in a positive mood with their new 80s disco-style number Koi no Abo. The song is complemented with the side track "Labyrinth" (Track 2)"

Hey! Say! JUMP

Yesterday, I listened to the entire preview of "Jounetsu Jump" 
There was only one solo in the song (I'm pretty sure...I only listened to it once and didn't really keep it in mind since I was on a NEWS rampage XD) and guess who it belonged to??
YamaDA (XD) took complete control over it. Seems like Johnny's has decided who will be added to the list of "Golden Boys".
Now there are currently many debates going on as to who he will turn out to be like...most common answers are either Pi or Jin.
I can't wait to see who he turns out to be more like. Any guesses?

A Triple Booking?!

As I previously mentioned, NEWS is set to release their next single "Koi no ABO" on Apr 29.
It seems that Johnny's is planning to release 2 more big releases that day.

HSJ will be releasing their 2nd DVD that day also. 
It's footage of their "Hey! Say! Jump-ing Tour '08-'09" recorded Jan 5 and probably backstage footage as well.

That same day KAT-TUN will be releasing their 4th album.
The title has yet to been decided but it is already up for preorder. 

When I asked for a Johnny's bang, I didn't mean it to be so big! XD
Well, I'm bouncing off my walls now and can't wait to spend even more money on them!

Ahhhhhh, recession, recession....
Hope it doesn't affect Johnny's too badly.
After all, well at least the store I go to, has reduced the prices of the idol magazines specifically the Johnny's ones.
Therefore I shall do my best to support them! ^_^

Hey! Say! JUMP began their volleyball campaign after one year again yesterday, March 20
They performed their new single "Jounetsu Jump"
I won't bother posting the video for that since it should be all over the forums and communities already
But I haven't seen any one provide the download link for the interview portion yet, so I'll do it

credit to: ogatayamato@youtube

Comment if taking!

download links:
[MU] .001 .002  .003  .004   
[MF]  .001 .002  .003  .004

Will add more links later!

Edit: added MF links!

Jounetsu Jump and Koi no ABO

 Hey! Say! JUMP

Just watched the performance of "Jounetsu Jump"!
Must say that I'm already in love with this song!
No release date has been made about the single yet, but it should come sometime around in April or May or maybe even June.
Looking at their performance I've realized that JUMP really have grown up!
Their voices, especially 7's, sound so much more mature!


NEWS is finally set to release a new single!!!
The single is called "Koi no ABO" which will be release Apr 29!
I'm curious to know what the ABO stands for, but if I'm correct then it may stand for Blood-Types...
So maybe NEWS will be singing about how different Blood-Type personalities love????!!
I highly doubt that, that will be the case, but my tension is sooo high right now that I'm just spazzing out!! XD

edit: Just read the announcement post about the new single on news_jpop.
Found out that the single could stand for Blood-Type love compatibility.
So maybe the single will be about love compatibility.
Yay! Another love song to look forward to!!


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